Friday, September 26, 2014

Benefits Cosmetics Beauty Bash Giveaway!!!

Hello Ladies, I'm happy to announce my first #giveaway on Instagram! Well as you know I'm a host for the #benefitcosmetics #makeup #party and one of my invites can't make it. So I'm extending an invite to one of you!!! Yay!!!

 Here are the #rules

1. Follow me @ladymarian2013 on Instagram

2. Like my FB page 

3. Repost this pic with #benebabegiveaway #ladymarian2013

The winner will be notified October 15 !!! Have a blessed weekend and thanks for entering:)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Recently I just found out that my cousin in law is battling with cancer and so is a beloved brother from our church. The word cancer with it's many names and stages has been in my backyard starting with my grandma and with my uncle.
Fortunately there is something we can do to help support those brave souls fighting this disease, yes we can donate to the cause which will be very helpful but Prayer and Faith is also the best support yet. I have seen miracles and people get healed from cancer. Nothing is too big for God, Nothing is impossible for God!
You see Jesus sent his son on the cross for our sins and our sickness and diseases. When we believe in Jesus and pray in Faith healing occurs. I don't have the answers on why some people win the battle or die from this disease but God is sovereign and He is in control.
Lets stand as a people and pray and support our family, friends and or people that are going through this  disease. There is still something we can do... Pray for their salvation and their healing!

A fellow blogger who does outreach for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, a leading web resource for mesothelioma Cancer asked me to share this article that encourages those who are battling this disease. Read below

Boost Your Confidence and Heal from Cancer Quicker
By: Jackie Clark

Have you been dealing with the many ups and downs of a cancer diagnosis and treatment? From having healthy days when you feel great to being as sick as can be after treatment, battling cancer is exhausting, both mentally and physically. It’s important for women to continue feeling beautiful during this difficult time, though. You may not look like the person you remember, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate who you are today.

You may think that feeling beautiful should be the last thing on your mind if you’re battling cancer. On the contrary, though, feeling good about the way you look will lift your spirits and even make healing from cancer easier. Women who have good mental health actually feel less discomfort from their cancer treatments. The less stress you’re under, the better your body will handle the disease. Your appearance may not be as important as your health, but it's not unimportant either.

Many women lose their hair as they undergo radiation treatment. Going bald can be traumatic for many women and can zap their self confidence. There are so many ways to still feel beautiful even after losing your hair, though. Shop for fashionable head scarves, wear statement earrings and put on a wig every now and then for a new look.

Fashion is a wonderful way to feel beautiful and can often offer a quick confidence boost. Silk scarves can be beautiful any time of year. Buy yourself a new pair of jeans. Splurge on that coat you’ve been eyeing. Wear a piece of clothing that will draw your eye away from whatever part of your body you're uncomfortable with. Focusing on a part of your appearance that you can control will remind you that there are many things that make women feel and look beautiful.

The best way to feel beautiful is to take care of your skin. Maintain a good skincare regime so that your skin always looks moisturized and luminous. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser twice a day, apply a creamy moisturizer and treat yourself to monthly facials. The more gorgeous your skin looks, the better you’ll feel. You can also experiment with new makeup looks. Go for bold colors that you never wore before. Pay a visit to the cosmetics counter at your local department store and ask for a complementary makeover.

It doesn’t matter what type of cancer you were diagnosed with. Whether you’re dealing with mesothelioma treatment or skin cancer, women who face cancer often notice their confidence start to plummet. Every woman is beautiful, though, and it’s important to do the things that will make you feel wonderful both inside and out.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Voice of Healing Ministries

I'm so honored and excited to be sharing with the Voice of Healing Ministries with Evangelist Rich Vera. Join me this Sunday Jan. 15 at 6pm  in Orlando at Crowne Plaza Hotel.. 304 W. Colonial.. (corner of I4 & Colonial) also online at

Es un honor en compartir con el ministerio del evangelista Rich Vera este domingo enero 15 a las 6pm. en Orlando Crowne Plaza Hotel.. 304 W. Colonial.. (corner of I4 & Colonial)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

My New Beauty Channel on Youtube/ Mi Nuevo Canal de Belleza

To all the Beautiful Ladies, I just opened up a Beauty Channel on Youtube. please subscribe and share it with your girlfriends.

Acabo de abrir un canal de belleza para todas las mujeres. Porfavor subscribensen en el enlace ... 
God bless you my lovelies

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday, December 8, 2011

That's My King!

Do You Know Him? That's who Marian Marrero serves and is not ashamed of. Heres an intro of who He is and Can Be and Will Be in Your Life! Only if you let Him